A find unlike any other

I'm going to be completely honest here....I think that most of my finds are pretty spectacular, but every once in awhile I find a piece that honestly trumps them all. Let me introduce you to my latest find, the 14" tall Black English Staffordshire dogs.

Unlike your typical white or black pair of Staffies, this pair is made of a deep red clay to enhance it's black paint and coloring. These guys have glass eyes and stand a whopping 14" tall, 10" wide and 4" deep, the grandest pair I have ever personally bought or seen! BUT, what makes these guys special is not it's fantastic build, but the unusual gold stamping upon the left pups head.

On top of the left dogs head is a gold emblem like stamp that states "The British Antique Dealers Association" and under it stating "Certified prior to 1847". I immediately started to research this group/associated and found BADA, the now named British Antique Dealers Association, and based in the UK. BADA is an INCREDIBLE resource for antiques and collectibles and offers many services to help identify and date antique pieces. BADA also holds events, lectures and educational gatherings all across the UK, as well as in NYC. Check out their entire calendar of events here. 

Every piece that I find gets researched. Researching, dating and archiving my finds is one of the most exciting parts of the hunt for me! With each piece I find, I feel like it opens a new page in my historic textbook and really gets me to dig to find out its maker, origin and age. These Staffies did that and more! These guys opened my eyes to an organization that I didn't even know existed and an incredible resource to use in the future.

Though I typically offer my finds to my lovely fans and followers on Instagram, I've decided that these are best left on top of my newly found china cabinet for now 😉

Until my next find!

Xo, Chelsie

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